ransomware virus on Linux

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Thu Nov 19 06:44:44 UTC 2015


I've read in the German computer magazine "iX 12/2015" about a threat
against Linux: Some ransomware malware encrypts your disk and the bad guys aking
for your money to get it decrypted again. All details about this story
and how to get it decrypted again w/o spending money is here:


Two questions remain:

The structure of the attack makes me think that it would work the same way on
FreeBSD too. Do we have already known attacks like this?

If we would have a known attack and test data from this (i.e. an
encrypted file system tree), I think it would be worth to check if the
software described by Bitdefender could be ported to FreeBSD too.

Any comments?


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