Kernel panic and hard disk failure

Will Senn will.senn at
Tue Nov 17 17:23:44 UTC 2015

On 11/17/15 8:57 AM, CyberLeo Kitsana wrote:
> You'll notice the crashdump files are named with .0, .1, .2 suffixes. 
> This file contains the next available number. If you leave the bounds 
> file with a '3' in it, but delete the crashdump files, the next 
> crashdump will have the suffix .3 . This ensures it will not 
> inadvertently overwrite a previous crashdump. Consult the savecore 
> manpage for further information.
>> 2. What is minfree?
>  From savecore(8):
>   The savecore utility also checks the available disk space before
>   attempting to make the copies.  If there is insufficient disk space in
>   the file system containing directory, or if the file directory/minfree
>   exists and the number of free kilobytes (for non-superusers) in the
>   file system after the copies were made would be less than the number in
>   the first line of this file, the copies are not attempted.
>> 3. What does it mean that the device went missing?
> The hard drive stopped responding and the controller decided it was no
> longer connected.
>> 4. Does the information above sound like a faulty hard drive or are
>> there additional tests that will tell me more about the failure?
> Could be a failing hard drive; but it could also be a bad data cable or
> weak or failing power supply.

Thanks for the pointer to savecore and for the answers. I'll keep an eye 
out for additional failures and if there are any with the replacement 
drive, I'll check into cables and such.


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