Help/advice request please.

Warren Block wblock at
Tue Nov 17 02:55:45 UTC 2015

On Mon, 16 Nov 2015, Jon Radel wrote:

> On 11/16/15 4:45 PM, Manas wrote:
>> Hello Dave,
>> I run a few openvpn servers on FreeBSD. I use 
>> as my 
>> guide. Feel free to email me directly with any questions.
> I was just looking at that one, not having setup OpenVPN from scratch in a 
> while now.  Looks perfectly reasonable.

Just yesterday I was thinking we really need an OpenVPN section for the 
Handbook.  Something that shows best practices, not the typical "for 
simplicity, this example does not use passwords, but you should always 
use passwords in exactly the way we did not demonstrate at all here."

I'm not the one to write it, having been frustrated by the lack of good 
examples the last time I looked.  But I would be willing to help.

>> But there is no guidance as to what the other field values should (or
>> should not) be.

That is really annoying.  The equally annoying opposite number is magic 
values with no explanation.  Using callouts really helps fill in the 
detail without distracting from the example, as seen in

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