FreeBSD-10.2-RELEASE-amd64 encrypted ZFS root and swap

David Christensen dpchrist at
Mon Nov 9 21:47:38 UTC 2015

On 11/09/2015 12:32 PM, Scott Ballantyne wrote:
> I have seen this many times when external USB or memory devices are
> connected. It seems to confuse the ZFS boot loader.
> Perhaps that has happened in your case?

Good idea -- I've also seen that.


	VGA cable
	PS/2 keyboard cable
	PS/2 mouse cable
	LAN cable
	speaker cable
	optical drive is empty
	floppy drive is empty
	no other hard drives installed

	reset the CMOS settings to defaults

	boot -- black screen with blinking cursor.

Try again:

	Remove IDE HBA's

	boot -- black screen with blinking cursor.

Any other ideas?


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