IDE for Python

dweimer dweimer at
Sat Nov 7 21:52:45 UTC 2015

On 2015-11-07 2:22 pm, Jerry wrote:
> I am in the process of learning Python and am interested in a good IDE
> application. One that runs on both Windows and FreeBSD would be ideal 
> since I
> spend time on both systems. I have seen several listed, but I have no
> practical way of determining which ones are superior. Unfortunately, I 
> do not
> have the time to try out each and everyone of them.

My favorite is Eric IDE I have 
had no problems with it on Windows, and of course it works well with 
FreeBSD, and is included in the ports system. Integrates nicely with QT 
Designer, for working with Qt for GUI layouts. And plays nicely with a 
few different version control systems, I personally have only used it 
with subversion. But these often come down to personal preference what I 
like you may hate.

    Dean E. Weimer

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