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On 07/11/2015 11:38, Andrew Wheatley wrote:
>                I was wondering if I could get help from you guys. I´ve been
> looking at FreeBSD softwares you guys have and I´d like to dowload and
> install it on a virtual machine or usb bootup. But the problem is I´ve
> downloaded several iso images for that and don´t know how to bootup and on
> the virtual machine it gives me an error. If y'all could help me that would
> be great.

What sort of virtual machine?  There are several different pre-built
disk images that you can just copy onto your VM host and boot up.

If you use VirtualBox, try:

Just decompress that and import it into VirtualBox as a disk image, and
then create a new virtual machine from it.  There are 4 different image
formats available, which should cover all the popular hypervisors.

Otherwise, if you want to make a bootable USB stick, download this:

Note that unlike many Linux distributions, FreeBSD has separate
installer images for memsticks and isos for CD/DVDs.  Either of these
can be booted into a stand-alone system, or you can use it to install
FreeBSD to your VM or onto bare metal.

Decompress it, and copy it onto a USB stick by following the
instructions here:
    Section Writing an Image File to USB

The handbook, especially chapter two, is well worth a good read-through
before you start.

What you get from these images is just the base system, without any
application software or windowing system installed.  If you're not happy
dealing with the command line, then take a look at PC-BSD:

That's a pre-built desktop environment layered onto the base FreeBSD OS[*].



[*] Site seems to be down right now, but no doubt it will be up again
shortly after Kris wakes up.

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