incompatible Qt library starting LyX

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Sat Nov 7 01:23:54 UTC 2015

Will Parsons wrote:

> My installation of LyX has stopped working, with a message:
> Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x40806) with this library
> (version 0x40807) Abort (core dumped)
> I had updated some ports a couple of days ago, but nothing that I
> thought would have affected LyX.  I reinstalled lyx, qt4-corelib, and
> qt4-gui, but with the same result.  I don't see anything in UPDATING
> that looks relevant.  Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
> % uname -a
> FreeBSD anukis.local 9.3-RELEASE-p21 FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p21 #0: Tue Jul
> 28 08:57:41 UTC 2015    
> root at  i386

You might try locating the binary that executes, then running ldd against 
it, e.g.: ldd somebinaryexecutable, this will show a list of libraries it 
was built against. ldd -a somebinaryexecutable will show a little more info 
which may be useful if you find that a libmap.conf entry may be useful as a 
temporary work around.

If you use binary package management (pkg), possibly there is an error in 
how they were built and a PR with this information would be helpful to the 
powers that be. I only build through ports and know next to nothing about 
binary package(s).

I seem to recall that the huge Qt monolithic was broken up into many pieces, 
and perhaps it's one, or more, of the other pieces that are subdependencies 
of a Lynx dependency and that's where the mismatch is. So maybe Lynx was 
built against the right libs but some other dependency was still linked 
against a crufty old one.

I don't consider libmap.conf to be a fix, per se - better to find the items 
linked against the old lib(s) and rebuild it against the new lib(s) imho.


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