Warren Block wblock at
Thu Nov 5 17:02:03 UTC 2015

On Thu, 5 Nov 2015, krad wrote:

> from what i remember the usb just presents itself as serial over usb, so
> that makes sense. THe network bit is a bit misleading as I think it means
> it talks to another apcupsd on a different host connected to a ups via
> serial, rather than direct to a network enabled UPS.

I have one APC Smart-UPS 1500 connected to a server by USB.  The USB 
port is native USB, it does not appear on the computer as a 
USB-connected serial port.  Other APC UPSes have DB9 ports that can 
speak serial or USB depending on the oddball adapter cables.  Some older 
UPSes might be serial only.

apcaccess shows this on the server:
   CABLE    : USB Cable
   DRIVER   : USB UPS Driver

Another computer is plugged into the Smart-UPS 1500 for power, but of 
course cannot share the UPS connector.  apcupsd on that computer 
connects over the network to the main apcupsd on the server that is 
directly connected to the Smart-UPS USB port.  It works transparently. 
apcaccess on the client computer shows:
   CABLE    : Ethernet Link

For my use, apcupsd is superior to the network monitoring cards that can 
be installed in the higher-end APC units.

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