ssh configuration, nmisunderstanding or error

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Wed Nov 4 10:37:06 UTC 2015

On 2015/11/04 09:33, Erich Dollansky wrote:
> Yes, there are just there to get an error message depending on the file
> being read. How can ssh get the error message which is supposed to come
> from outside the jail?
> I still believe that I have some very strange error in the setup but I
> am not able to see it.

sshd in the host system binding to all interfaces (which is the default)
will block sshd in the jail from binding to the jail's IP.  In fact, it
will probably cause sshd to fail to start in the jail.  You should have
something in your syslog in the jail if that is the case.

Make the sshd in your host system bind to specific IP numbers using the
'ListenAddress' parameter.



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