ssh configuration, nmisunderstanding or error

Erich Dollansky erichsfreebsdlist at
Wed Nov 4 09:33:19 UTC 2015


On Wed, 04 Nov 2015 16:27:29 +0700
Olivier Nicole <Olivier.Nicole at> wrote:

> Erich Dollansky <erichsfreebsdlist at> writes:
> > I forgot to mention that all was commented out with these to
> > exception. So, effective the file was either:
> >
> > Host *
> > main  
> Hummm, what are you trying to achieve with this syntax?

I got irritated by the behaviour of the jail. After forcing sshd to
responed with an error message, it got clear to me that the wrong
configuration file is read.
> main (or firefox) are bare words at the begining of a line and I think
> they are not a valid ssh_config syntax.

Yes, there are just there to get an error message depending on the file
being read. How can ssh get the error message which is supposed to come
from outside the jail?

I still believe that I have some very strange error in the setup but I
am not able to see it.

Every thing on the new disk is simply a copy from the old disk with the
exception of fstab. So, I expected that the machine will now behave
just as if the old disk would be there. All is as expected outside the


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