FreeBSD php (cli) in host system with application jail

Руслан Бурханов r100500b at
Thu May 28 09:57:38 UTC 2015

Case: platform with FreeBSD (10.1) on the host system and multiple
application jails.

One of the important goals for multiple jail - multiple php versions.

Users have access only in host system. Now I try to figure out next
question, how to provide privileges none users php-cli on the host system?
In most cases, it is used for users crontabs.

I do not like the way to install one more php in host system.

I think in this way, with some system aliases like:

for i in "$@"; do
C="$C \"${i//\"/\\\"}\""
sudo jexec-U `whoami` 18 sh-c "$C"

convert users command.

But i do not sure in this issue. Have somebody faced with this question?
What are the bottlenecks can be expected in the proposed solution?

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