FreeBSD 10.1 + ZFS

Ricky G ricky1252 at
Wed May 27 22:06:42 UTC 2015

> I do understand how ZFS works I am using it (ZFS RAID-Z1) on three boxen 
> but not as the root file system.
> I did do the research.... if you RTFH you would see that the installer 
> uses the auto option for ZFS which wipes out and uses the entire drive.

Apologies if it seemed like I was offending you, it was not my intent.
> You cannot do RAID-Z2 with three drives only as RAID-Z2 has two parity 
> drives

This is incorrect however. I didn't say it would be ideal but it is possible to do a raidz2 with 3 drives. Just to verify myself I pulled out a handy usb stick to test.
> The links supplied (two)
> 1. was a link to the handbook using auto partitioning, doesn't 
> answer the question in any way
> 2. a hack not using the installer, doesn't answer the question 
> in any way
bsdinstall is a really well done piece of work for something that was already made to be simple. The guide that was posted may not be to your exact need, but It is faily close and quite current. Its not a hacky way of installing FreeBSD, It is how you do it manually to fit ones needs like you have now. 		 	   		  

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