is the forum down?

J2R2 P j2r2 at
Fri May 22 14:31:15 UTC 2015


Thanks for keeping up a great, open system.

I have not been able to see any pages in the forum since yesterday 
whether I click a link from a search engine of navigating directly to 
the forum from within website.

I am located in Toronto in case that it has anything to do.

Alternatively, could you please point me to a resource that clearly 
explains how to allow the user to switch to a regular xterm console 
after starting xfce4 using startx; and how to return to the normal xterm 
after login out or exiting the xfce4 session. I seem to just get the 
monitor turned off no matter all the changes I have made to many config 
files during the last few days.



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