ports make search?

Matthew Seaman matthew at freebsd.org
Thu May 21 08:41:05 UTC 2015

On 05/21/15 02:46, Jeffry Killen wrote:
> I notice that in man ports but I am wondering if the fetch version
> would be up to date with what I have?

The fetched version is rebuilt every day IIRC, but it reflects the ports
tree with all the dependencies etc. you'ld get by using only the default
option settings.  If you're changing options -- for instance, switching
to a different default version of php -- then it won't be accurate.

However, one important fact you should understand: the Index is there
pretty much entirely for user reference.  The software used to build
ports or install packages will work perfectly well without any Index
being installed[*].



[*] With minor exceptions like 'pkg version -vIL=' -- but in that case
you're better off using 'pkg version -vRL=' anyhow.

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