One more issue

Jeffry Killen jekillen at
Thu May 21 05:45:32 UTC 2015

I installed apache24 from ports.

added the requisite line to rc.conf to start apache on boot.

I ran servic apache24 start to start the server.

from another machine I established an ftp connection to the
doc root and attempted to edit the default index.html page.

The ftp client informed me I couldn't edit the page, and I realized
that the ownership of the doc root needed to be changed to ftp

SO, via ssh I attempted to login via su and the root password
was refused.

I went to the monitor attached to the server and attempted to log in
as root. I kept getting refusals.

I ended up having to dig up how to boot into single user mode to
change root password. That I did. Now I can log in as root or
su as usual.

The point is that I did not fool around with the password file.
Something else altered or corrupted it. Hopefully I don't now
have a root kit hanging around.

I am conderned about having to be connected to the internet
so ports can fetch anything it sees fit. (this is why I had avoided
using ports in the past).

What services do I have to allow to and from the internet that
are secure with respect to hosts.allow and tcpwrappers, for the sake
of ports?

Thanks for patience

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