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James Keener jim at
Sun May 17 18:36:37 UTC 2015

Look into the date command. Also, it may be that you need to set the time in your bios, the is pulls time from there.


On May 17, 2015 2:19:36 PM EDT, Jeffry Killen <jekillen at> wrote:
>I am trying to build jpeg image processing library and
>./configure complains about new file with older than
>distribution files.
>And in fact the terminal has the date (today?) as
>Mon Jan 2 (time) 2006
>How do I set the clock with out access to ntp service
>as yet.
>I seem to remember seeing some info about cmos/bios
>battery being low or dead. (that may have shown up
>during installation process... I don't remember)
>Thanks for time, attention, and patience
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