configure cannot find header file

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Sat May 16 22:42:23 UTC 2015

Cary wrote:

> On 05/16/2015 18:14, Michael Powell wrote:
>> Why not use the port?
>> -Mike
> I seems my ports are out of date! As I wrote Andrew, my version of ports
> and pkgs is still at 4.6.1.
> Thanks for letting me know I need to update my ports!

You want to be careful how you proceed. When you update your ports tree you 
may then find that a lot of what is currently installed needs updating. This 
can sometimes be a quagmire. But you may want to consider taking care of 
*that* first, then proceed to the install of new things. Sometimes trying to 
do both at the same time together sets the stage for a cyclical dependency-
type of disaster. Split it into two operations may make it easier to recover 
a small problem before it becomes nightmarish.  :-)

Just my $.02 - YMMV  


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