Downloaded dvd1.iso and burned to dvd but ?

Jeffry Killen jekillen at
Fri May 15 22:54:40 UTC 2015

On May 15, 2015, at 3:23 PM, James Keener wrote:

> An iso is a disk image and the contents of the .iso are intended to be
> burned to disk (as opposed to the .iso file itself).  The  
> terminology is
> overloaded, as it expects you to know that "burning and iso to the  
> disk"
> means "burn the contents of the iso to the disk", not the file itself.
> That article is a little older, but the instructions should be the
> same/similar on how to use the built-in "Disk Utility" program to burn
> the iso to a disk.
> Best of luck!

Thank you, that clarifies a lot.

Minutia can be a pain, but if the car won't start:
Is there gas in the tank?, is the battery charged? Did I turn
the key in the right direction?


> Jim
> On 05/15/2015 06:15 PM, Jeffry Killen wrote:
>> On May 15, 2015, at 2:47 PM, James Keener wrote:
>>>> The Mac used to burn the CD should be able to see files on it,  
>>>> perhaps?
>>> Yes, but _what_ files.  Mostly I wanted to check that there wasn't  
>>> an
>>> .iso on the disk as I've seen people do that before
>>> Jim
>> This is the verbatim text from the FreeBSD handbook I have a copy of:
>> FreeBSD installation files are available at
>> Each installation file's name includes the release version of  
>> FreeBSD,
>> the architecture,
>> and the type of file. For example, to install FreeBSD 10.0 on an  
>> amd64
>> system from a DVD,
>> download FreeBSD-10.0-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso,
>>>>> burn this file to a DVD, and boot the system with the DVD  
>>>>> inserted.
>> So, yes I did look at the disc on the Mac after burning the .iso to  
>> the
>> dvd. It has a copy of
>> the .iso file on it: I.E FreeBSD-10.1-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso
>> I take it that that is not supposed to be the case? Have I  
>> misunderstood
>> something here?
>> JK

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