ZFS stripe to raidz1

Johan Hendriks joh.hendriks at gmail.com
Wed May 13 13:25:56 UTC 2015

Anders Jensen-Waud schreef op 13/05/15 om 14:37:
> Hello
> I bought two 2TB drives and would like to see them up in a 4TB stripe for now. Later, I would like to add redundancy to the stripe by adding one more 2TB disk, effectively ending up with a 4TB raidz1.
> Is this possible on FreeBSD 10.1 without having to recreate the entire pool from scratch?
> Thanks
> Anders 
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Not like you want it.

You can start with two disks and create a stripe accross both disks.
Keep in mind that if one fails you will loose all your data!
Later on you can mirror disk one by *attaching* a disk to this vdev. But
this way you still have no redundancy. If the second disk/vdev fails,
you still loose all data. You need to *attach* a second disk to the
second vdev also. That way you can loose a disk per mirrored vdev. So
you will need 4 disks.


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