Request for source code from PerForce

Amuchastegui, Nick nicka at
Thu May 7 19:36:29 UTC 2015

Hi all,

My name is Nick, I'm a developer at Qualcomm.
I'm trying to obtain some source code related to a google summer of code project.  This code appears to be hosted on the FreeBSD Perforce server, which I cannot pull from without a FreeBSD account.  The web interface for the project is at :<>     .   I would like to get the initial import of the project, corresponding to changelist 163241<>.
Would anyone be willing to pull this revision of the source code and share it with me?   If so I'd greatly appreciate it!  :)

Background (if you're interested):
Docomo labs usa created an open source (BSD license) implementation of SeND (secure neighbor discovery protocol) several years back.  A developer (named Ana Kukec ?) associated with FreeBSD/google summer of code modified the Docomo project to port it to FreeBSD and improve its traffic handling mechanism.   I'd like to get ahold of the original Docomo Labs implementation, which is no longer available for download from Docomo labs, and I cannot find it anywhere else.  The FreeBSD perforce server is the only location I have been able to find it.

Thank you very much for your help!


locate a copy of the source code from the original  Docomo open source SeND project that Ana based her improved SeND implementation on. This original source is no longer available for download from Docomo and the only record of it I can find of it is in perforce on the FreeBSD server.  I don't have a free BSD account and it seems that I cannot connect to the perforce server without one.

I was wondering if one you would be willing to pull the original  Docomo project from the perforce server and share it with me?   I don't intend to push anything back up to the server, I would just like to use the code for our internal development purposes.

Bjoern, I contacted you because it appears that you were Ana's mentor (at least on this project).  I hope I have the correct email for Ana, it was not too clear from her freebsd profile page.

The web interface for the depot is at:<>   I would like to get changelist 163241<>   , which appears to be the initial import of the Docomo send project.

Thank you both very much for your help.


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