BSDstats-6.0 has been released

Yuri yuri at
Wed May 6 20:08:25 UTC 2015

On 05/06/2015 05:43, dweimer wrote:
> It seems to fail its manual send after updating my system from the old 
> port, I didn't chose the TOR option when I built the script if that 
> matters on this issue.
> # bsdstats-send
> BSDstats failed: token enabling request failed

Could you please e-mail to me (not to the list) your /var/db/bsdstats 
file? What is your OS version?
Also, if you can, in the file 
/usr/local/etc/periodic/monthly/300.statistics make 
DO_LOG_NET_TRAFFIC=1, run 'bsdstats-send' once more, and send me the 
files /tmp/bsdstats.out.log and /tmp/ ?

Thank you,

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