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Warren Block wblock at
Wed May 6 02:18:12 UTC 2015

On Tue, 5 May 2015, Brandon Wandersee wrote:

> On 05/05, Mike Clarke wrote:
>> On first reading that I thought we might have been able to manage with
>> Chrome under FreeBSD but it appears that the reference to Linux is
>> precise and doesn't mean Unix like systems as is sometimes the case.
> It may also be that it requires features specific to *Google Chrome*---the
> "Chrome" browser in the FreeBSD ports tree is Chromium, which lacks some of the
> embedded plugins the branded Chrome browser has.

I use it in Firefox.

> Frankly, the only thing that really seems to be missing from the the "lite"
> version of Google Maps is the ability to let a large data-mining firm feed
> details of your life to a computer so said computer can do all your thinking for
> you. Nothing lost, if you ask me. ;)

The new street view in Lite mode has a weird fisheye thing going on. 
The 3D version is better... like the old version.

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