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> I don't know why but since change the version of his
> software (new interface) I'm unable to get the full version. I'm always on
> the « lite mode ».
> So some nice feature like changing a route (in fact the only one I used)
> don't work.
> I try with Firefox/Chromium under freebsd 10-stable.
> Anyone have a idea ?

It's Google's idea of "progress" :-(

The latest and greatest version of Google maps has system requirements
which apparently means that it won't run under FreeBSD
The following is from <>

To use the full Google Maps with 3D imagery and Earth view, your
computer needs:

    The latest version of one of the following browsers:
        Google Chrome
        Internet Explorer
    One of these operating systems:
        Mac OS 10.8.3+
        Windows 7, 8, or 8.1
        Chrome OS with an Intel CPU
        Linux (not using Firefox)
    Up-to-date video card hardware and drivers. See below for more

On first reading that I thought we might have been able to manage with
Chrome under FreeBSD but it appears that the reference to Linux is
precise and doesn't mean Unix like systems as is sometimes the case.

Browsers not meeting the system requirements will automatically be fed
with maps in "Lite" mode. The following is from

In Lite mode, some features are turned off so that Maps can run faster.
You won't be able to use the following features while running Maps in
Lite mode:

    Seeing 3D imagery and Earth view
    Showing your computer?s location on the map
    Setting home and work
    Searching nearby, measuring the distance between places, and
    getting coordinates
    Draggable routes
    Embedding a map
    Sending a place to your car
    Viewing My Maps in Google Maps
    Reporting a map data problem in Google Maps

Mike Clarke

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