Unnoticed for years, malware turned Linux and BSD servers into spamming machines

Eduardo Morras emorrasg at yahoo.es
Sun May 3 18:36:09 UTC 2015

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jd1008 <jd1008 at gmail.com> wrote:

> More importantly, how do we disinfect? Reinstall the system?
> But the infiltration was done to a freshly installed system.
> We need to know what filenames are involved!!

You have the original news here:


Here you can download a pdf describing it:


And more info:


Last lines say:
 "Web server administrators should check their servers for Mumblehard infections by looking for the so-called unwanted cronjob entries added by the malware in an attempt to activate the backdoor every 15-minute increments.

The backdoor is generally located in the /var/tmp or /tmp folders. You can deactivate this backdoor by mounting the tmp directory with the noexec option."


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