Any Graphic Board Suport 4K?

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>   Thank you for your reply.
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> | Sorry, not my site. You may try contacting Kris through the bsd-now
> website.
>   I see. Please teach me how to contact to Kris through. Dose he write
> driver on X Window System? I seached bsd-now. From
> .
> Should I try to contact to Kris through?

Yes, send mail to feedback at . Mention episode 86 and the
information on using a 4K monitor, and ask if they (Kris Moore and Allan
Jude) believe the video card you proposed will work. You should listen to
the reader feedback portion of subsequent episodes, because they may answer
you on the podcast (fwiw, I once asked them about installing Lumina Desktop
they covered in Episode 54, we discussed the problem by email and then Kris
and Allan discussed my problem further in the podcast two episodes later).

If you haven't already tried, you could also email the Japanese FreeBSD
mailing list (freebsd-users-jp at I know very little about the
FreeBSD community in Japan, but I assume it must be active because of
AsiaBSDCon ( I also know very little about
using graphics on FreeBSD because I am currently only using headless

Good luck! You are paving a path for the rest of us.


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