Significant memory leak in 9.3p10?

J David j.david.lists at
Thu Mar 26 23:57:21 UTC 2015

On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 7:39 PM, The Lost Admin <thelostadmin at> wrote:
> Have you looked through the system shutdown scripts (part of init/rc) to see what happens after the uptime is printed? that might give you a lead.

All of that output is printed by the kernel (see
sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c), not by scripts.  It happens after any
shutdown scripts are run.

> The output from your PS seams to be much shorter than I would expect. Are you sure it included everything? For example, I would expect to see processes for cron, syslog, and normally sshd.

Killed them all.  Killed absolutely user process but init, login, and
the shell.  Memory not freed.

> I’ve also got a few more kernel processes that you don’t appear to have. Most notably is pagedaemon

pagedaemon is on the list with pid 5.


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