thrashing + lost files

CK nibbana at
Mon Mar 23 16:50:04 UTC 2015

Unsure if this is related, but this just happened:

mtpaint (a graphics program) was opened with a PNG image via an xterm, so
there is no prompt in the xterm.  It was not put into the background. Then
accidently, a double click of the mouse pasted some text from the Opera
web-browser in that xterm - making a ^G beep - some text off a FedEx webpage.
That locked up the xterm, so it was then killed with the vtwm menu kill
signal. The xterm and mtpaint programs were killed.  Immediately after, it was
discovered that image that was opened with mtpaint was deleted from the drive.

This all happened within 2 minutes; the image was not deleted by any other
means.  Maybe it is an additional clue. No stresses were on the machine,
pretty much just idling.

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