gptzfsboot problem - anyone awake

Per olof Ljungmark peo at
Mon Mar 23 00:04:45 UTC 2015

FBSD 10-STABLE and a Proliant P410 controller
Rebuilt world and kernel last night, rebooted tonight:

gptzfsboot: error 1 lba 32
gptzfsboot: error 1 lba 1
gptzfsboot: No ZFS pools located, can't boot

As the boot problem with this controller was known when we installed it
we have two logical drives and boots from the second to get around it.

The box has been upgraded several times during the last four months with
out a problem.

I tried to boot from a memstick with latest 10-STABLE (r280048)

> load /boot/kernel/kernel
> load /boot/kernel/opensolaris.ko
> load /boot/kernel/zfs.ko
> set vfs.root.mountfrom="pool-name"
> boot

But that produced a panic

panic:mountroot: unable to (re-)mount root

Ideas anyone? I'm out of them just now...


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