public network traffic to my ip address port 53

Miguel Lopes Santos Ramos org.freebsd at
Thu Mar 19 14:55:44 UTC 2015

A Qui, 19-03-2015 às 10:52 -0400, Ernie Luzar escreveu:
> In my firewall log I see thousands of udp packets from ip addresses all 
> over the word trying to access my freebsd gateway server on port 53.
> Right now I am blocking them and see no negative effects.
> Is there any valid reason to allow these unsolicited inbound packets 
> access to my system on port 53?

UDP port 53 is for DNS name resolution.
You can block them, since you don't run a name server (otherwise, you
would know what port 53 is for).

However, if no one is listening on port 53, there isn't much reason to
block it at the firewall.

Miguel Ramos

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