FreeBSD recommends not using base unbound for an authoritative server

Chris Stankevitz chrisstankevitz at
Tue Mar 17 23:25:12 UTC 2015


I use the base system sendmail instead of ports procmail because:
- documented in manual
- security problems are described in FreeBSD announcements
- easy updates with freebsd-update
- infrequent updates

For the same reasons, I'd like to run the base system's unbound to
authoritatively host my DNS... but FreeBSD is discouraging me in
section 29.7.2 of the manual.  Why the discouragement?


Section 29.7.2

While the base system package can be configured to provide resolution
services beyond the local machine, it is recommended that such
requirements be addressed by installing Unbound from the FreeBSD Ports


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