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Mon Mar 16 17:30:35 UTC 2015

On Sun, 15 Mar 2015 15:44:54 -0700, Sukhveer Yadav wrote:
> I have Micromax A177 . I rooted it to connect to USB drive . I followed all
> directions provided but I failed .

Which instructions exactly?

Can you provide the commands you've been using, and maybe
configuration file changes you made (if any)?

Please provide the output of the commands "usbconfig"
where the USB device should appear, and "camcontrol devlist"
where the corresponding USB mass storage device should be

Check the smartphone settings regarding "USB media", "USB
mass storage" or how it is called. It should enable the
device to present a USB direct access device to the OS.

The Micromax A177 is a smartphone running Android 4.2,
for those mailing list readers who didn't google for it. :-)

> Sir after connecting USB when I press
> mount in stick mount app it shows
> None    in place of
> sdcard/USB/....

What "stick mount app" are you using? Pleas provide the
output of "mount -v" command and maybe the last lines of
the "dmesg" command where the USB stick should show up.
You can find examples on how to do this in the handbook
page mentioned above.

> Sir pls help me by providing some appropriate solution

Please provide more information for identifying the actual

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