[SOLVED] jailed X application running from ordinary Xorg desktop

Jeffrey Bouquet jeffreybouquet at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 16 01:27:48 UTC 2015

Long story, more than I could post here.  First jail usage. Thread finalized maybe at
daemonforums.org "opera problem" ...

older system [backup] WORKING opera MENU fonts >> free disk space >> new partition >> 
create jail >> 
install & config new STABLE >> write older STABLE working-MENU-font-opera libraries to it >>
and programs for Xorg etc... >>  [although to non-standard locations]
The mini-howto on the forum thread...  summarized in this three line paragraph:
On the desktop start Xephyr ( :1) , a second X server
On the jail start Xterm in Xephyr ( :1) 
On the jail start Opera in Xterm (:1), the working-menu-fonts opera. 

Works on CRT, maybe not on LCD *, yet.  Myriad problems, but suddenly worked.  So this
was to be a post of all the things I've tried, but it suddenly worked ** , so they howto exists 
there on the web at least.... 
*  xterm for some reason would not attach to :1 ... 
** opera for some reason, once on the CRT and not the LCD again, suddenly not off-center...

Although it should properly be a fully configured jail, a BHYVE, another 
virtualization, or fixed by some other not-known-method if not tediously 
reinstall... system is up past multiple disk failures since v5.x  with the same newbie
2004 files here and there...  though now GPT not MBR, SVN not CVSUP, etc.

For the freebsd-questions archives anyway.

J. Bouquet

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