Install amd64 over existing i386

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Sun Mar 15 18:51:15 UTC 2015

from Chris Hill:

> I bought a new machine the other day, and accidentally installed the i386
> version of FreeBSD on it even though it has a 64-bit processor. It works fine,
> but I think I'd rather have the "right" version. So, two questions:

> 1. Is it even worth worrying about at this point?

> 2. Can I just install amd64 without destroying existing filesystems and files?
> I realize I'll have to reinstall my ports, but that's OK.

You don't say how your disk is partitioned, but if you have space, you could keep or copy your i386 installation and install for amd64 in a separate partition.

Having installations for both amd64 and i386 helps if you want to run i386-wine or other i386-specific software from amd64, mounting i386 partition on /compat/i386.


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