Exist more advantage in doing design using open source or operating system of closed source?

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Sat Mar 14 02:14:24 UTC 2015

On Fri, 13 Mar 2015 18:36:50 -0300, clark designer wrote:
> Exist more advantage in doing design using open source or operating system
> of closed source?

It's always an advantage for you (as a designer) and your clients
to have your work stored in files with standardized file formats
with publicly available specifications, as well as using software
which is open source (because it benefits your safety and puts you
in control of what software can do). This doesn't just work for the
application software you use, but also for the operating system you
use it on. :-)

> For example, using Linux?

There are many distributions of GNU/Linux. Some of them explicitely
aim at designers. There are also distributions that come with
proprietary software, or allow the use of such software easily.

> BSD?

FreeBSD has a ports collection with several thousands applications
available. The design-related software is usually ported from Linux
to FreeBSD.

> If yes, what are the advantages?

As mentioned earlier, choice, control, security, but also portability
and interoperability are advantages you usually cannot get when you're
using proprietary closed-source software. You can avoid vendor lock-in
and being left with files which you can't open anymore after 5 years.
You're also not forced to register, hand over personal information,
or be tied to using things "online only".

> What distribution Linux and BSD are advisable to use to design for
> desktop?

FreeBSD (as well as the other BSD operating systems) do not come in
different distributions. They are a "core operating system" which
can be extended by installing applications as _you_ decide. However,
systems like PC-BSD come with a preinstalled and preconfigured
desktop environment and aim at desktop users. Maybe that is a good
point to start.

Depending on _what_ kind of design you wish to do, there are several
tools that can be of great value for you: LibreOffice's DTP components,
Scribus, Blender, Gimp & GimpShop, Inkscape, Krita, XFig, LaTeX & LyX...

There are many. Which work for you is a question only you can answer,
by giving them a try. Most applications can be used on FreeBSD, but
are usually also available on almost any Linux.

There are Linux distributions especially created for designers, such
as "Dream Studio":


Other distributions may also work for you. Most of them offer a live
system DVD or USB image wich allows you to _test_ the system without
actually having to install it. Boot your system with it and give it
a try. If you don't like it - reboot. No alteration has been done to
your system.

> I'm studying baccalaureate in design and want see if exist more advantage
> in doing design using open source or operating system of closed source.

There are operational, functional, financial and moral advantages as
pointed out. You'll find great resources on the web on why open source
is a great deal for education and work.

> I'm starting the course now, but I know that the designer uses the computer
> to do the final work.

That's nothing bad. A computer, with the proper software, can be a
really great tool. With bad software - it will slow you down, make
things expensive, unreliable, and you're left with "binary garbage"
after few years. :-)

> Examples of disciplines that are part of the course curriculum:
> There Linux distribution, BSD operating system and another operating system
> open source that serve to do design?

I'd say that with a good selection of software, FreeBSD (as well as
a Linux distribution) could be the way to go. Especially computer
graphics, if you'll also have programming assignments during the
course, can be done with FreeBSD and OpenGL, plus an IDE if you want.
Web design can also be done with FreeBSD, as it offers development
tools as well as web browsers, and for understanding the foundation
of design (or let's say, the tools and formats), learning HTML, CSS
and maybe JS can be done as well. Firefox also offers web development
and design tools and add-ons, just as Chrome.

The more you know the requirements, the better you can select the
tools that will do the job.

Summary: If you can, use open source software. If people say you
shouldn't (or you're not supposed to), ask them for reasons. It
will benefit your education, especially on dealing with FUD. :-)

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