getmail problem

Harald Weis hawei at
Fri Mar 13 16:07:04 UTC 2015

What could be the cause for the following error message:

SimpleIMAPSSLRetriever:hawei at
getmail-hawei-rc: operation error (command: LOGIN => socket error: EOF)

This occurs frequently for, where I have two accounts
(hawei and hawei2),
but never ever for or

Since ages all my mail accounts were pop3 accounts.
The trouble started end of last year. The message was:
"hawei on is broken". hawei2 was fine as usual.

As Free support was unable to help I converted all accounts
from pop3 to imap to see what happens.
As you see imap is better than "broken", but far from satisfactory.
Sometimes I need to relaunch getmail three or four times.
A single time is already too much for a working system.

Any idea what's going wrong here or there?

Thanks for any help. 
Harald Weis

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