there is a mistake in ipfw docs on your site

Алексей Прац mail at
Fri Mar 13 02:16:37 UTC 2015

talking about this page:
there's RFC (, which says:

4.  Summary Table

Address Block       Present Use                Reference
------------------------------------------------------------------           "This" Network             RFC 1122, Section          Private-Use Networks       RFC 1918         Loopback                   RFC 1122, Section      Link Local                 RFC 3927       Private-Use Networks       RFC 1918        IETF Protocol Assignments  RFC 5736        TEST-NET-1                 RFC 5737      6to4 Relay Anycast         RFC 3068      Private-Use Networks       RFC 1918       Network Interconnect
                     Device Benchmark Testing   RFC 2544     TEST-NET-2                 RFC 5737      TEST-NET-3                 RFC 5737         Multicast                  RFC 3171         Reserved for Future Use    RFC 1112, Section 4  Limited Broadcast          RFC 919, Section 7
                                                RFC 922, Section 7

your page says:

$cmd 00307 deny all from to any in via $pif    #Sun 
cluster interconnect
$cmd 00308 deny all from to any in via $pif #Class D & E 

but i see there's no in RFC and there's block /4 not /3

please tell me what i don't understand?

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