Any pascal-source programs in the ports tree?

Ian Smith smithi at
Thu Mar 12 15:55:41 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any ports written IN freepascal (fpc)?  I've spent 
some time trolling through ports (other than fpc itself) that mention 
'pascal' anywhere, but so far have found nothing with pascal sources.

I hope to publish two going on three programs (one of them pretty big) 
in the coming months, written largely in ol' Turbo Pascal dialect and 
compiled with fpc 2.6, via the fp IDE.  These are console-mode programs, 
essentially a series of astronomical calculations leading to generation 
of RIFF wave audio files.  That all works without drama.

Build dependency would require installing (relevant bits of) fpc and 
coming up with a sane Makefile etc for which I'd need lots of guidance,
without immersing myself too deeply in the deep and wide ports world, so 
I was hoping to find another port for a monkey-see monkey-do template.

If making a port isn't pretty straightforward I'm not too fussed; I have 
little extra time so will probably just publish sources and i386 & amd64 
binaries (maybe for linux too) and text docs for the few people who may 
be interested, but a port might be a good way to give something back.

Anyone suggesting p2c will be politely ignored :)

cheers, Ian  (please cc me; I'm subscribed to questions-digest)

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