Limiting CPU on some processes on web server

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Thu Mar 12 01:32:09 UTC 2015


On 11. mars 2015 at 7:37 PM, "Roland Smith" <rsmith at> wrote:
>*How* does the web app actually start those programs?

Unfortunately I'm getting the same 100% if I run ImageMagick / ffmpeg separately.

>Have you verified with `ps -l` (or `ps -xal`) that the ffmeg and 
>convert processes are actually running at a lower priority?

No, but isn't this whole nice thing a dead end? Often times when ImageMagick / ffmpeg run there are no competing processes (ie. no visitors). But then if a visitor appears while ImageMagick / ffmpeg is running, it is already too late.

>Run you web app stack with a higher priority.

I'll look into it.

A lot of great advice here, thanks a lot!


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