veeam client pointing to FreeBSD - linux binary errors

javocado javocado at
Thu Mar 5 19:10:42 UTC 2015


I am trying to point veeam, with its "linux target" to a FreeBSD system.

We've made a lot of progress - you have to set bash as the veeam users
shell as well
as give them sudo privs and make sure perl is on the system, etc.

At some point, Veeam uploads a linux binary executable and runs it, and
that is
succeeding as well, since we loaded linux.ko.

However, when this veeam server-side executable runs, we see this error:

[03.03.2015 21:03:56] < 49156> cli| Thread started. Thread id: 49156,
parent id:
16384, role: VRPC server thread
[03.03.2015 21:03:56] < 49156> net| Veeam RPC server started.
[03.03.2015 21:03:56] < 49156> net| Selected vRPC port: '2500'.
[03.03.2015 21:03:56] < 49156> net| Listening vRPC port '2500'.
[03.03.2015 21:03:56] < 16384> cli|   Client works in standalone
21:03:57] < 49156> net| ERR |Veeam RPC server broken.
[03.03.2015 21:03:57] < 49156> net| >>  |WIN: Unable to update socket
settings. Error code: [92].
[03.03.2015 21:03:57] < 49156> net| >>  |An exception was thrown from
thread [49156].
[03.03.2015 21:03:57] < 49156> cli| Thread finished. Role: 'VRPC server

The main part of the error is the:

|WIN: Unable to update socket keep-alive settings. Error code: [92].

Does anyone have any idea what might cause a linux binary executable to
throw that
error, and how we might solve or work around it ?  This is FreeBSD 8.3.

Thank you.

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