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Raimund Sacherer rs at
Wed Mar 4 09:43:10 UTC 2015

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> > I maintain in our company 3 callcenters with local and remote agents
> > (about 300 agents in total in different countries).
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> Freeswitch, on FreeBSD?

No, I am just recently using FreeBSD. Most of my communications servers are Debian. I am currently in the process of testing the migration to FreeBSD. 

But I know of a couple of people using FreeSWITCH on Freebsd without problems. 

The most problems I see people having is Hardware integration. But (and this I did not mention in my first post) I really would advice using a Hardware Mediagateway (BRI's or FXO's can be had relatively cheap, below or at the same price of an internal BRI/FXO/PRI card). 

It is so much easier change the media gateway than to have to make open heart surgery on the servers. It is also cheaper if you need HA systems, you do not need cards for every server, etc. 

I experienced much pain in the past with cards, on some (dell) servers I had to change interrupt assignment in the BIOS, change PCI Latency and modify CPU affinity to avoid hardware problems. On other hardware (IBM) I just got a lot of problems with stability (we used asterisk in those days, channel freeze, card was unresponsive, we had to power cycle the server. etc.).

All those problems went away immediately once we switched to hardware gateways. My personal preference is Patton. 


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