Can't attach geli after updating to FreeBSD 10.1

rhannek at rhannek at
Wed Mar 4 03:21:01 UTC 2015


I have an encrypted hard drive (not root) which I mount manually when I
actually need it. The storage has a single slice which is encrypted with
geli on top of which is a zfs file system.

After upgrading from 10.0-RELEASE to 10.1-RELEASE the device node
changed from /dev/ada1p1 to /dev/ada1s1 and I can't attach it anymore.
Trying to execute "geli attach ada1s1" I get "geli: Cannot read metadata
from ada1s1: Invalid argument."

When I roll back to 10.0 I have no problems.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Gideon Lang

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