Am I too dumb to mount an SD-card?

Christian Baer christian.baer at
Mon Mar 2 21:15:31 UTC 2015

Frank Leonhardt wrote:

> This isn't an answer, but if all the suggestions here fail, I've often
> found some sanity checking is a good idea. For example, format a card on
> a PC and see if that reads. Can you dd the card? FAT isn't an absolute
> standard, and I've found more than one embedded device that has its own
> idea about what FAT is. Not formatting future cards on the camera may
> help. Was this one pre-formatted? And there are patent issues.
> I first came across this with Digital Research GEMDOS, which had a
> different version of 3.5" drive FAT to that eventually used by
> Microsoft. Formatting on a PS/2 worked on GEMDOS but the PS/2 wouldn't
> touch the GEMDOS disks. [Wanders off into the sunset reminiscing...]

Your ideas didn't get me anywhere, but thank you for taking the time to 
write them down just the same! You are right, this might very well have been 
an issue with a weird embedded device.

I could read the card under Windows without a flaw. Because FreeBSD refuses 
to access the card, I copied all the files off it under Windows and 
completely reset the card. This means, I created a new partition table 
(simple type) and formatted the SD Card. Windows and the camera can read the 
card without any issues. FreeBSD still can't.

But talking about sanity checking...
Is there some way to get an error message that says a little more about the 
cause of the problem than a general failure?

Kind regards,

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