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El día Monday, March 02, 2015 a las 01:21:35PM -0500, Lowell Gilbert escribió:

> Raimund Sacherer <rs at> writes:
> > sorry to barge in so late, but I do not like to have sendmail or any
> > daemon which can listen on 25 running on my systems when it is not
> > necessary, therefore I use DMA.
> >
> > It doesn't run a deamon, rather when you send mail it stows them in a
> > queue. Now the queue get's worked on, but when there is no internet
> > connection it should queue the mail (never tried it without internet
> > connectivity though).
> >
> > You can then fire up your link and use dma -q (see man page) to send the queued email ... 

The inbound direction is:

ISP--(imaps)--fetchmail--(smtp)-->sendmail(localhost:25) --> procmail-->mbox...mutt

The outbound is:

mutt--(sendmail)--> queue

and after link-up and 'sendmail -q' all mails are send out

queue--(sendmail)--(smtp/TLS)--> ISP MX

I think, this scenario is pretty much fine and LISTEN is only on
localhost:25; it requires only DNS working correctly in the moment of
receivin and sending;

This is what I asked for: how to ensure that DNS+sendmail is fine after link-up
on any interface (wlan0, tun6, ...)

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