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sorry to barge in so late, but I do not like to have sendmail or any daemon which can listen on 25 running on my systems when it is not necessary, therefore I use DMA. 

It doesn't run a deamon, rather when you send mail it stows them in a queue. Now the queue get's worked on, but when there is no internet connection it should queue the mail (never tried it without internet connectivity though). 

You can then fire up your link and use dma -q (see man page) to send the queued email ... 

This should be exactly what you want with very little system overhead / attack surface, fast, small, simple. 


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> > Lowell Gilbert <freebsd-questions-local at> wrote:
> > > Matthias Apitz <guru at> writes:
> > > > I fetch my mails from my ISP with fetchmail and pipe them
> > > > through sendmail and procmail (for filtering); and I send
> > > > upstream with SMPT && SSL to my ISP using sendmail ... it is
> > > > so nice to connect a few seconds(!) to fetch all your mails,
> > > > shutdown the link, read and answer the mails offline, queue
> > > > answers with sendmail, and re-open the link for a few seconds
> > > > to send the mails out.
> > >
> > > You don't need a sendmail daemon for that.
> >
> > There's no need to involve sendmail at all (on the receive side)
> > for that. Depending on the MUA the OP might need one for sending --
> > some MUAs only support sending via SMTP, not by fork/exec sendmail.
> >
> > > Tell fetchmail to invoke sendmail itself instead of delivering
> > > to a local TCP port
> >
> > AFAIK there is no need for one MTA (fetchmail) to invoke another
> > MTA (sendmail) just to get to a third mail agent[*] (procmail).
> > Have fetchmail invoke procmail directly.
> >
> > [*] I don't remember offhand whether procmail is considered an MTA
> > or an LDA, and for this analysis it doesn't matter.

> To read and write I'm using mutt as MUA. mutt can fetch with IMAP(S) and
> send with SMTP+SSL; but this (sending directly) is not what I want, I
> want to queue up the outbound mails and send them at once (see above for
> the reason); so, sendmail is the natural option;

> for the PPP link, I already use a devd(8) hook to restart sendmail when
> the interface comes up; for the wlan(4) link I will use the hook
> /etc/dhclient-exit-hooks looking for the $reason BOUND;

> I was hoping for a solution which combines all interfaces in one place,
> but it seems that this does not exist.

> Thanks

> matthias
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