System to install FreeBSD

Tom Storey tom at
Sun Mar 1 12:37:05 UTC 2015

On 24 February 2015 at 19:52, zep <zgreenfelder at> wrote:

> use virtulization

I would agree with this.

Since it is for training, save yourself the money and run a hypervisor on
your existing PC or laptop. I personally use VMware Fusion on my Mac, but
there are plenty of others available as zep mentioned. You then have the
option to spin up as many other VMs as you need to test different
scenarios, and take snapshots before making large complicated changes so
you can roll back easily if you stuff up. :-)

If you must have another physical machine, you dont have to buy brand new.
Save yourself the money and grab something second hand from the local pawn
shop or off ebay etc. Anything within the last 10 years is likely to be
more than adequate for training purposes, especially if you only plan to
work on the CLI (and as long as your work doesnt involve heavy processing
tasks.) And at that, once on the network you can go headless and just use
SSH or an X client so you dont need additional monitors/keyboards/etc

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