Install OS from UDF for VBox

Paul Kraus paul at
Tue Jun 30 15:49:14 UTC 2015

Apologies if this is an answered question, but searching both online and my copies of this list have turned up nothing useful.

I am running a number of VBox environments under FBSD and need to be able to install various OSes from ISO images that are UDF not 9660+extensions. The specific ones I am running up against right now include:

Ubunutu 14.04 LTS Server
Windows 8.1 Pro 
Windows Server 2012 R2

I am running FBSD 10.1 as current as possible for both OS and ports.

VBox tosses an error when I try to add the ISO image to the “CD” drive. The error is VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED and my research has led me to the conclusion that the problem is that these are UDF format ISO’s (so that they may contain files larger than 2 GB). I also cannot mount the ISO under FBSD using mount_udf, so they are a newer version of UDF than mount_udf supports. I assume this is the crux of the issue VBox is having, the underlying OS does not have support for this version of the UDF spec.

Am I missing something obvious, like a port to add that support (I tried sysutils/udfclient with no luck as well), or is this just a feature that has not been added to FBSD (yet) ?

Paul Kraus
paul at

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