Dual booting plus Hyper-V

Joshua Isom jrisom at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 21:23:51 UTC 2015

On 6/29/2015 2:25 AM, Polytropon wrote:
> On Sun, 28 Jun 2015 15:33:14 -0500, Joshua Isom wrote:
>> After many years, I'm thinking of turning my beastie into a gaming box
>> plus home server.  It's overpowered for my current use.  I'm not sure
>> wine's up to the task for hassle free gaming.
> Well, wine is pretty much advanced nowadays. If wine is
> not sufficient, there's winex which is a special variation
> of wine intended for gaming use.
> I'm running several "Windows" games myself with wine, as
> well as Linux games on FreeBSD. No problems. :-)

I know it depends a lot on the game, some are perfect and some just fail 
due to insufficient support.  Dual booting between Windows and FreeBSD 
solves that.

>> I think the easiest thing
>> would be running Windows on it's own hard drive with FreeBSD running in
>> Hyper-V.
> That sounds like overhead...

Running Windows and keeping the FreeBSD daemons running requires 
overhead.  Overhead would be better than a dedicated second computer.

>> I'd get a dedicated windows disk as well as the BSD disks.
> The idea with dedicated disks is very good. It will allow you
> to replace OS installations easily (at least with FreeBSD).
> But why not simply dual-boot from one of the disks? Either
> you select the boot disk in the BIOS menu (if available),
> or you install the FreeBSD boot manager on the boot disk
> and let it boot normally (FreeBSD) or to the "Windows" disk.
> This gives you the full advantage of using FreeBSD without
> the overhead and possible problems with a hypervisor.
> Furthermore, today's boot processes are _fast_, so switching
> from one to the other OS can be a thing of less than a minute.
> The only situation where this does not work is when you need
> to run both FreeBSD and "Windows" at the same time. Is that
> one of your requirements?

Ideally I'd want the server processes to continue running.  It operates 
as my IMAP and NAS server primarily so it's nothing intensive but I'd 
prefer to keep it running.

>> The system is all ZFS on GPT at the moment.  Is this
>> practical or is are there other alternatives to consider?
> Native (OS-controlled) ZFS use or through a hypervisor? Hmmmm...
> As I mentioned, I would go with real dual-boot instead...

Maybe I worded the dual boot idea poorly.  I want the computer to dual 
boot between Windows and FreeBSD.  I want the FreeBSD drives to boot 
seamlessly between booting in Hyper-V and directly on the computer.

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