Dual booting plus Hyper-V

Joshua Isom jrisom at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 20:33:29 UTC 2015

After many years, I'm thinking of turning my beastie into a gaming box 
plus home server.  It's overpowered for my current use.  I'm not sure 
wine's up to the task for hassle free gaming.  I think the easiest thing 
would be running Windows on it's own hard drive with FreeBSD running in 
Hyper-V.  I'd get a dedicated windows disk as well as the BSD disks. 
I'd like to dual boot(probably bios for simplicity), but have BSD work 
seamlessly between booting directly and working inside hyper-v with the 
integration tools.  The system is all ZFS on GPT at the moment.  Is this 
practical or is are there other alternatives to consider?

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