Help fixing a bug; HP MicroServer N40L; CAM status: Command timeout

Yudi V yudi.tux at
Sun Jun 28 14:08:01 UTC 2015

Sounds like a clue :-). Looks like your external ports are SATA1 & the
internal ones are SATA2. I have heard people on other lists suggest *not*
mixing different drive speeds (SATA1/2/3) in a RAID/LVM/whatever. If you
are doing that, that might be a problem. If the 4 drives are supposed to be
'always there', I would put all 4 internally & use the external ports for
backup drives & the like. $0.02, no more, no less ....

I did not mix the drives/ports, the internal 4 bays are for data drives and
the two sata1 ports are for the OS drives (2-way mirror).

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