Corrupt GPT on ZFS full-disks that shouldn't be using GPT

Chris Stankevitz chrisstankevitz at
Sun Jun 28 04:34:36 UTC 2015


I have 11 drives in a zpools.  The zpool is using the drives.  i.e. I
used "zpool create da1 da2 da3 ... daN".  The zpools are running well.

In a former life, each of these these drives held two gpart
partitions.  Apparently I did not "gpart destroy" these drives before
creating a zpool out of them.

Now when my computer boots,

1. the zpool comes up and is healthy

2. ls /dev/daX* does not show any of the "old" partitions.

3. dmesg reports "the primary GPT table is corrupt or invalid" and
"using the secondary  instead -- recovery strongly advised."

Q: Am I in danger of GPT wrestling control of the drive away from ZFS

Q: How can I remove the secondary GPT table from each of the drives
that are participating in the zpool?  I suppose I could offline and
resilver each of them.  I'm afraid to dd the secondary GPT header at
the last 512 bytes of the drive.  Perhaps there is a way I can ask ZFS
to do that for me?

Thank you,


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